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Business Car Leasing & Contract Hire

As with all companies, it is vitally important for a business to be cost effective in everything it does; therefore, business car leasing and contract hire can be a very important element to ensuring such a venture. Acquiring a fleet of vehicles is rarely the easiest of tasks, but with Stoneacre Leasing, we do everything within our power to make this process as stress-free as possible.

While business car leasing and contract hire will not be ideal for all companies, it is generally thought of as the best method of attaining cars for business use, with over half of all new company cars registered being funded this way. The low monthly payments of contract hire and leasing methods are usually what attracts businesses to go down this route, among other factors.

Such contracts work on an initial payment and subsequent monthly payment structure; for example, a deal with a profile of 6 + 35 with monthly payments of £150 would see an initial payment of £900 (6 x £150) and then 35 payments of £150. However, at Stoneacre Leasing, we can help you structure a business contract hire deal that works best for you, with packages that can stretch from 12 months to three-year periods.

The same applies to your mileage, whether you need a deal that allows you 10,000 or 12,000 a year, with an excess mileage charge for those who go over their allotted contracted amount. It is also important to keep in mind that business contract hire and leasing is subject to VAT of which 50 per cent can be reclaimed (usually referred to as blocked VAT).

At the end of the agreement, the car is handed back, with any outstanding charges such as excess mileage or damage to the car to be settled at this time. Following the contract end, you can decide to start up another with a brand new car or walk away completely - it’s up to you.

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