The 12 Best Small Cars To Lease

The 12 Best Small Cars To Lease

2017 has produced its fair share of superb small cars, but as we move towards 2018 what are the best small cars available on contract hire. We’ve picked out what we think are the 12 best small cars – take a look and see what you think.

Citroen C1

best small cars to lease citroen c1

Now 12 years old and in its current guise since 2014, the Citroen C1 continuously proves to be one of the best and most popular small cars on the market.

It ticks all the boxes expected by those looking for a superb urban car. It’s affordable, extremely economical and cheap to run. Not only that, it’s also highly customisable, allowing you to personalise your C1 to your heart’s content.

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Fiat 500

best small cars to lease fiat 500

It’s almost impossible to write a list of the best small cars without mentioning the iconic Fiat 500. Famously based on the legendary Cinquecento, the updated Fiat 500 is a car for the modern city driver.

Bursting with chic design and clever technology, Fiat has produced a car that is both enjoyable to drive and achingly stylish.

If you’re looking to turn heads, this is clearly the car for you.

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Honda Jazz

best small cars to lease honda jazz

Small doesn’t have to mean cramped. With the Jazz, Honda has somehow managed to create a small car that has just as much space inside as some much larger luxury saloons.

Powered by Honda’s famously reliable engines, the Jazz will easily return over 61mpg whilst remaining as fun to drive as its cousin, the Civic.

With excellent equipment as standard, the Honda Jazz is one of the best small cars on the market.

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Kia Picanto

best small cars to lease kia picanto

The Picanto has been transformed over recent years. From originally being accused of being somewhat dull, it’s now a vibrant, exciting car to drive, full of technology and excellent levels of equipment as standard.

With punchy engines that offer an engaging driving experience whilst returning fuel economy figures of at least 67mpg, the Picanto is a genuine contender for the best small car you can lease in 2018.

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Peugeot 108

best small cars to lease peugeot 108

A superb and well-designed upgrade to the 107, the Peugeot 108 has everything that you would want from a small city car.

It’s easy to drive and park, it returns excellent fuel economy of up to 74mpg from the superb 1.0 litre petrol engine and has plenty of personalisation options, enabling you to make your 108 look and feel exactly how you want it to.

It’s full of useful tech too, such as stop & start technology, touchscreen infotainment, smartphone connectivity and a DAB radio. Factor in its maximum 5-star NCAP safety rating and you’ve got yourself a great small car.

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Vauxhall Viva

best small cars to lease vauxhall viva

Based on the hugely popular car from the 1960’s and 1970’s, Vauxhall revived the Viva in 2015 to replace the outgoing Agila and it’s proven to be just as popular as the original.

As with most small cars, it’s affordable, easy to drive and extremely fuel efficient, returning around 62mpg from its nippy 1.0 litre petrol engine.

As with the Jazz, it’s hugely deceptive with its compact exterior belying the spaciousness within. With plenty of room for 4 adults to travel in comfort, the Viva makes for a great small family car.

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Alfa Romeo MiTo

best small cars to lease alfa romeo mito

Unsurprisingly, the MiTo is one of the most visually appealing cars on our list. However, there’s more than meets the eye with this excellent little car.

With various different trim levels and spritely engines on offer, you can choose the MiTo to suit both your tastes and your budget.

As you’d expect, the diesel engines offer the best fuel economy – up to an incredible 83mpg – but even the thirstiest petrol engine returns up to 52.3mpg even with 170bhp.

There are few better ways to have fun on the road than in an Alfa Romeo MiTo. Did we mention how pretty it is too?

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best small cars to lease ds3

Originally a Citroen sub-brand, DS Automobiles is now its own entity and has a popular contender for best small car in the shape of the DS3.

Following a pattern, the DS3 is eminently customisable with numerous bodywork and roof combinations, as well as different roof stickers and alloy wheel designs being available so you can really express yourself.

Chic and stylish, as you would expect from a French supermini, the DS3 offers a good selection of petrol and diesel engines, all of which return up to 83mpg making them extremely affordable to run.

If you’re looking for a great small car with flair and panache, look no further than the DS3.

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Ford Fiesta

best small cars to lease ford fiesta

Perennial winner of the honour of being Britain’s most popular small car, the Ford Fiesta has only tightened its grip on this accolade with its latest incarnation.

In addition to the usual trims that you could choose from, Ford have added the Titanium X and Vignale trims to the line-up, which take comfort and technology to the next level. The top of the range Vignale spec focuses entirely on comfort and luxury, which adding touches like a Bang & Olufsen sound system.

One thing that Ford have kept in the Fiesta is their multi-award-winning EcoBoost engine. This superb engine is wonderfully responsive whilst being extremely economical, keeping running costs down whilst not sacrificing driving enjoyment.

The Ford Fiesta is and will remain one the best small cars you can lease and that’s likely to continue for some time yet.

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Hyundai i10

best small cars to lease hyundai i10

With its sleek design and agility, the Hyundai i10 is a perfect city car. As you would expect from a small car, it’s frugal. Its petrol engines return up to 60mpg, helping you keep your costs down.

Insurance is low as well, starting at group 2, making it an ideal first car for new drivers. Equally low CO2 emissions ensure that road tax is kept low too.

The practicality doesn’t end there though. The i10 is a lot roomier than it looks, with plenty of space in the back for two adults, never mind children. The boot is spacious too at 252 litres. This is a perfect car for families wanting something spacious but not too large.

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Mazda 2

best small cars to lease mazda 2

Mazda have always produced reliable cars with excellent engines and the Mazda 2 is no different. As fun to drive as it’s big brother, the Mazda 3, the Mazda 2 is a little smaller but much more affordable.

As with all these small cars, the Mazda 2 is great to drive in the city where its compact frame and ease to drive comes into its own. However, with its agile suspension and responsive engines, the Mazda 2 is equally enjoyable to drive on country roads. The comfortable driving position makes motorway driving a breeze too.

Driving costs are kept to a minimum through a combination of excellent fuel economy and low CO2 emissions, resulting in low road tax. All in all, the Mazda 2 is an excellent alternative to perhaps the more mainstream small cars out there.

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best small cars to lease seat mii

Last but by no means least, is the SEAT Mii. With the might of the VW product development team behind it, the SEAT Mii was always likely to be a superb small car and it does not disappoint.

The Mii is, as you’d expect, very well made. The ride is comfortable, even for tall drivers, and there’s plenty of space within for such a compact city car. Boot space is generous at 250 litres.

The engines are nippy and economical. You should expect up to 64mpg from the most powerful 74bhp variant, which is ideal for city driving and even makes for trouble-free motorway driving.

Running costs are minimal thanks to low CO2 emissions and insurance that starts in group one, making this a great car for a new driver or as a second car for families.

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As you can see, there are some fantastic small cars available to lease now and into 2018. There really is something for everyone and there will be more to come in 2018, such as the eagerly anticipated Ford Fiesta ST and new Vauxhall Corsa.