The Best Small Electric Cars for 2019

The Best Small Electric Cars for 2019

Many drivers are looking to move away from the more traditional petrol and diesel-powered cars, instead choosing fully electric or hybrid cars.

Although many manufacturers offer hybrid versions of their cars, it can still be a challenge to find a purely electric car that offers good value as well as the practicality and performance that you need.

Fortunately, more and more manufacturers are recognising the need to provide fully electric cars to their customers and you can now find some excellent deals for electric cars.

To help you find the best deal, we’ve put together this list of the best small electric cars that you can drive in 2019.

Hyundai Kona Electric

side view of a stationary grey hyundai kona small electric car

The Hyundai Kona has been a huge success for Hyundai, having sold over 65,000 in Europe last year, making it one of the most popular small SUVs on the market.

The addition of a fully electric version has only served to increase the Kona’s popularity with people looking for a small electric car with a good range.

The Kona has a range of approximately 245 miles, which is all down to its 64kWh battery which also offers superb performance not unlike some hot hatchbacks, producing 201bhp and effortless acceleration.

Lift your foot off the accelerator and the car slows down just as keenly as the regenerative braking system charges the battery.

There’s also a 39kWh version available, which has a range of around 155 miles and slightly decreased top speed and acceleration, which is to be expected from a car with less overall power.

As you’d expect from a small SUV, driving position is slightly raised and your view of the road is clear and unobstructed. The dashboard layout is clear and well-designed with operational buttons and knobs easy to use.

Entry-level cars get a 7” touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, which is well-positioned on the dashboard to allow you a clear view of it without taking your eyes too far off the road. Higher trims levels enjoy an 8” system with sat nav and wireless phone charging.

BIK: from 16%

Range: 245 miles (64 kWh) or 155 miles (39kWh)

Time to full charge: 9h 35m from a domestic charging station

Fast charge: 75 mins to 80% charge at a 50kW DC public charging station

Efficiency: 250-260Wh/mi

0-62mph: 7.6s (64kWh) or 9.7s (39kWh)

Top Speed: 104mph (64kWh) or 96mph (39kWh)

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Renault Zoë R110 ZE40

side view of a stationary blue renault zoe small electric car in front of a modern home

If you’re looking for a small electric car, the Renault Zoë fits the bill perfectly. Not only does it drive like any other small car, being nippy around city streets and cornering with ease, it’s also extremely affordable for an electric car.

Updated in 2017, the Zoë’s range was improved from 90 real-world miles per charge to around 160, making it much more comfortable to live with as an everyday car.

A further update in 2018 introduced a 110bhp engine, improving acceleration and making it more comfortable to drive at motorway speeds.

Most Zoës come with a battery that you have to lease separately with the monthly cost changing depending on your annual mileage. If you want the car and battery together, go for an ‘i’ version.

Inside the Zoë you can expect largely unobstructed views and rear parking sensors are standard, as well as reversing cameras in high-spec Signature models.

There’s also a 7” touchscreen infotainment unit with sat nav and Android Auto integration. Upgrade to the Signature trim and you’ll get a superb Bose sound system.

BIK: from 16%

Range: 160 miles

Time to full charge: 7h 18m from a domestic charging station

Fast charge: 1h 38m to 80% charge at a 43kW public charging station

Efficiency: 255Wh/mi

0-62mph: 11.4s

Top Speed: 84mph

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Kia e-Niro 64kWh

view from rear corner of a stationary grey kia e-niro small electric car next to a park

Similar in style to the Hyundai Kona and using the same electric powertrain, the Kia e-Niro is a small electric car based on the successful Niro that was Kia’s first foray into the popular small SUV market.

The e-Niro has the same 64kWh battery that powers the Kona and produces the same 201bhp, making it as spritely as small SUVs with more traditional engines. A 39kWh version is due to be released soon.

Ticking many boxes, the Kia e-Niro is not only an extremely stylish and well-equipped small electric SUV, it also has a range of around 235 miles, making it viable as a daily car, even for commuters.

The car handles extremely well for a small electric car, being nimble around and quick to accelerate when needed, making it good for motorway travel as well.

Inside the e-Niro you’ll find a comfortable and welcoming interior with arguably a better driving position than rivals like the Hyundai Kona Electric.

Equipment is good with front & rear parking sensors, a reversing camera, 8” touchscreen infotainment unit, sat nav and an excellent JBL sound system come as standard.

BIK: from 16%

Range: 235 miles

Time to full charge: 9h using a domestic charging station

Fast charge: 1h 15m using a 50kW DC public charging station

Efficiency: 270Wh/mi

0-62mph: 7.8s

Top Speed: 104mph

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Hyundai Ioniq EV

side view of a stationary silver hyundai ioniq small electric car next to a grey building

One of the best small electric cars on the market in 2019 thanks to its affordability, practicality and generous levels of standard equipment, the Hyundai Ioniq EV is a smart choice if you’re looking for an eco-friendly car for the family.

The car comes equipped with a 28kWh battery and 88kW electric motor, which combine to give a range of around 120 miles, depending on conditions and your driving style.

There’s plenty of space inside the Ioniq EV for your family, enough boot space for everyone and has plenty of stylish design to turn heads.

In Sport mode the motor generates 119bhp with the Normal and Eco modes holding some power back to extend the car’s range. Lots of other clever features, including regenerative braking and a special climate control system, help to boost the range as well.

The Ioniq EV is fitted with a reversing camera, LED lights, satellite navigation, adaptive cruise control, Apple CarPlay & Android Auto integration and wireless charging pad as standard.

BIK: from 16%

Range: 120 miles

Time to full charge: 4h 25m using a domestic charging station

Fast charge: 30 mins to 80% charge at a 50kW DC public charging station

Efficiency: 230Wh/mi

0-62mph: 9.9s

Top Speed: 103mph

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Kia Soul EV

side view of a stationary yellow kia soul small electric car outside a modern building

Already popular thanks to its funky, unconventional looks and performance around town, Kia has popped an electric drivetrain into the Soul and created a small electric car full of character.

The new Kia Soul EV is actually the second version of this excellent car, with the first Soul EV being released in 2014. Even more emphasis has been placed on styling and the sense of fun that the Soul brings, making it a real contender for the best small car on the market.

The Soul EV uses the same 64kWh battery that’s in the e-Niro which again provides 201bhp and an impressive range of 230 miles. A 39kWh version will also be available, offering a range of 145 miles.

Kia has given the new Soul EV an updated interior, with quality soft-touch plastics giving the car an upmarket feel. The interior is more spacious than before with plenty of room for all the family. Boot space has been given a boost too, to 315 litres with the seats up.

Technology has been upgraded as well, with an impressive 10.25” infotainment system dominating the dashboard. There’s also a Harman Kardon sound system fitted as standard, as well as options for wireless phone charging, head-up display and smartphone connectivity for both Apple and Android devices.

Kia will be releasing the new Soul EV soon so keep checking our Kia lease deals. Alternatively, why not give our friendly team a call on 01405 744171 and register your interest now?

BIK: from 16%

Range: 230 miles (64kWh) or 145 miles (39kWh)

Time to full charge: 9h using a domestic charging station

Fast charge: 42m to 80% using a 50kW DC public charging station

Efficiency: 275Wh/mi (64kWh) or 270Wh/mi (39kWh)

0-62mph: 7.6s (64kWh) or 9.6s (39kWh)

Top Speed: 104mph (64kWh) or 97mph (39kWh)

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Hopefully that’s given you a good idea of some of the best small electric cars available in 2019. If you’re looking to move from a petrol or diesel car to an electric car there’s never been a better time so why not have a look at our lease deals and tailor one to your specific requirements?