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Born out of Turin before the turn of the 20th century, Fiat has become one of the most iconic brands to come out of Italy through highly popular models such as the 500 city car and has continued to expand the range of vehicles it offers through classic names of its past. Those looking for Fiat leasing deals will be glad to know we have the full selection of Fiat models available at Stoneacre Leasing.

When you think of Fiat, you immediately think of the iconic Fiat 500 but there’s much more to the range. Firstly, there’s the soft-top version, the funky 500C!

Joining the 500 range of cars are the 500X crossover, the spacious 500L MPV and the 7-seater version, the 500L MPW.

Over the last few years Fiat have brought back some of their most beloved models from the past such as the frugal Tipo.

Not only that, but the superb Fiat Panda has been reimagined in both regular form and as the more than capable Panda 4x4.

Those of you wanting something with even more practicality and space have the choice of two excellent MPV’s, the Fiat Doblo and Qubo.

Finally, Fiat has brought back another legendary model with its stunning 124 Spider. A homage to the famous 124 Sport Spider that was originally produced between 1966 and 1982, it’s a head-turning convertible with a perfect blend of classic styling and modern technology.