Ford Focus RS Lease Deals

Why lease a Ford Focus RS?

Power, substance and potency. These three elements combined to create very special car. The Ford Focus RS is one of the most striking and iconic cars on the road today. If you’re looking for an extremely entertaining drive, you’ve found the ideal machine.

Blending pioneering design, advanced engineering and smart technologies, the team at Ford have created one of the most exciting hatchbacks available. Underpinned by the expertise of Ford Racing, Team RS and rally driver Ken Block, the RS wears an aggressive in-your-face body kit.

This is a Ford that’s capable of supercar performance. It has a top speed of 167mph, 350 PS and does 0-60 in just 4.7 seconds. Ford’s innovative technology lets you tailor your drive. Flicking a switch changes between Normal, Sport or Track. Each mode adjusts to suit your driving style.

This is a car that’s all about performance. That much is obvious as soon as you slide behind the wheel and gun the 2.3-litre 345bhp engine. Ford’s four-wheel drive system helps it hug the road and a powerful 440Nm of torque means you’ll enjoy a drive that leaves more expensive cars standing.

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