Nissan GT-R Lease Deals 2020

Why lease a Nissan GT-R in 2020?

A car that’s as much mythology as it is machinery – a Nissan GTR lease deal is one of the best ways to get your hands on one of the most desirable supercars going.

The Nissan GTR wasn’t always starring in Fast & Furious films and Gran Turismo games – it grew from humble beginnings as a fairly conventional Japanese saloon starring in early Godzilla movies as one of the unfortunately crushed cars. The GTR that we know today began with the sensationally popular Nissan Skyline GTR, aptly nicknamed Godzilla by petrol heads.

The scarcity of the Skyline led to the car becoming the urban legend it is today – a ban in America caused by something as mundane as import safety laws became fevered rumours that it was because the GTR could too easily outrun police cars.

In 2007, the Nissan GTR stepped out as a genetically engineered version of its predecessor, dropping the Skyline name but remaining firmly at the helm of its personal sect of gear heads. It won a multitude of motoring awards, including Top Gear 2007 Sports Car of the Year Award, as well as picking up a Guinness World Record in 2009 for the fastest 0 to 60 acceleration by a four seater production car.

Since then the Nissan GTR has followed a simple philosophy of continuous improvement. It’s had facelifts and tweaks, but it largely remains the same car it always has been. Updated enough to stay competitive against other supercars with chassis and powertrain tweaks, but the core of what the GTR is remains intact.

Performance above everything is what the Nissan GTR is. It doesn’t put fashion over functionality. There’s no ornate features designed only to make it easier on the eye. Every aspect of the GTR is to push its performance further. If you love the thrill of driving, no other car can keep up with it.

The enormous amount of driver’s aid technology that’s been added to the Nissan GTR over the last decade has diminished none of the joy of driving it. It still demands your full attention, but its technology works with you to drive the car, tirelessly working in the background to look after you – braking individual wheels and adjusting suspension to help you drive as daringly as you’d like.

As standard the Nissan GTR comes with a 3.8 litre twin turbo charged V6 engine, serving up 562bph and 637nm of torque. If that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, it’s capable of 4000 revs per minute and has a maximum speed of 193 miles an hour, getting from 0 to 60 in less than three seconds and 0 to 100 in less than 8 seconds in R start mode.

You control the GTR with a GR6 six speed dual clutch gearbox with three selectable driving modes. Switch between fully automatic shifting or manual control via the steering wheel mounted sequential paddle shifters. An incredible engine is aided by an electronically controlled rack-and-pinion hydraulic power steering with vehicle speed sensitive power assist for an incredible driving experience.

Combine these features with a uniquely complex four wheel drive system with an independently rear mounted axel with multi-link rear suspension and double wishbone front suspension, complimented by Bilstein damptronic shock absorbers for an unmatched performance.

Ignoring the power lurking within the car, the GTR’s exterior is iconic, despite not being designed with style in mind. Featuring RAYS 20 inch spoke forged alloy wheels, a rear spoiler with integrated centre stop light, electric heated and folding wing mirrors and a titanium exhaust with an open valve system that makes enough of a noise to turn heads if looks alone didn’t.

Inside the Nissan GTR, enjoy luxuries like heated front seats, leather trims, a carbon fibre trimmed centre console, UV reducing solar glass windows and air con with dual zone climate control. Alongside an infotainment system with NissanConnect satnav and Apple CarPlay as well as Bose audio with 11 speakers.

If the standard trim isn’t enough GTR for you, there’s a further four available in plenty of different colours to pick from – Pure, Recaro, Prestige and Track. These come with anything from high quality leather touring seats all the way through to bespoke Nismo features like carbon ceramic brakes and carbon fibre body features.

The Nissan GTR stands out from a crowded market not just because of its affordability, but because it’s a supercar you can actually use. Unlike many others, it doesn’t struggle in city conditions with speed bumps, pot holes and the like. There’s also four seats and a spacious 350 litre boot for a rare practicality in supercars. The GTR is just as happy pottering around town as it is on a track day. It offers a Nissan price tag and reliability alongside performance worthy of McLaren.

We have great deals available on both business and personal Nissan GTR lease deals, but if you can’t see the deal you want just get in touch with our leasing team who will be happy to help you get you the GTR you want. If you decide it isn’t for you, make sure to see our other Nissan lease deals on offer.

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