Nissan Leaf Lease Deals 2020

Why lease a Nissan Leaf in 2020?

The first and still one of the most popular fully electric cars available - it's no wonder Nissan Leaf lease deals are so in demand.

Famous around the world, the Nissan Leaf was the first affordable and practical EV to hit the market making fossil fuel free motoring a reality. If you're thinking of making the switch to leasing an electric car - there's no better choice than What Car's Electric Car of the Year 2018 winner.

The design of the Nissan Leaf is inspired by a futuristic blend of nature and technology with an iconic floating roof and a signature V-motion grille with blue accents. The new Nissan Leaf removed some of the signature bubble look Nissan is famed for and replaced it with a more aerodynamic shape for further efficiency as well as a cleaner, smoother look.

Inside the Leaf the blue accents continue throughout the design, complimenting a floating infotainment screen and customisable digital driver display. For entertainment on your journey there's an energy efficient BOSE sound system with 6 speakers and steering wheel mounted audio as well as Apple Car Play or Android Auto.

The Nissan Leaf will revolutionise your driving as there's only one E Pedal to speed up, slow down and stop. The E Pedal gives you strong regenerative braking and blended friction braking simply by removing your foot from the accelerator meaning most of the time you don't need to use the brake pedal at all.

As well as the E Pedal, the Leaf features Nissan's ProPilot system including ProPilot Park. Simply press a button and the car will park itself, no hands or feet required. ProPilot functions also include lane-centring and blind spot monitoring to mention just a few.

The Nissan Leaf scored a full 5 stars in Euro NCAP safety tests due to features like automatic emergency braking, six air bags including side airbags and even a rear cross traffic alert - a system to help alert you of cars when reversing out onto a busy road.

One of the main benefits of the Leaf is obviously never needing to head to a petrol station again. You can charge your Leaf overnight at home and you'll get a range of approximately 168 miles a day, which is perfect even for longer commutes and should quell any range anxieties you may have. If you do need to charge it on the go a CHAdeMO rapid charger will give you around 20% to 80% range in only an hour, so you'll be able to tackle longer journeys as and when you need to.

There's so many benefits to an electric car lease beyond just minimal running costs. Some of the worries in owning an electric vehicle are surrounding the battery degradation throughout the car's lifetime. With leasing this is a non-issue, you'll never have to worry about how well the battery is holding its charge as when your lease is up you can simply return your EV and replace it with another brand new EV.

For business leasing, a Nissan Leaf is even more appealing as from April 2020 as there will be zero BIK tax on electric vehicles followed by only 1% in 2021 and 2% in 2022 respectively.

If you can’t find the Nissan Leaf lease deal you’re looking for, just get in touch with our team who will be happy to help find one that suits you. Or if you decide a Leaf isn’t the right car for you, we’ve got other Nissan lease deals in the range to check out.

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