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It’s amazing to think that Peugeot has been with us in its current form for nearly 90 years; in that time, the French manufacturer has given us many a great model, as well as numerous innovative creations that has helped our cars give us what we need in motoring. The last few years has seen the rebirth of the 308, the emergence of the stunning RCZ and the return of the iconic GTi name; at Stoneacre Leasing, you can take advantage of a vast array of Peugeot contract hire deals on these and many more models.

The new 308 has been a revelation for Peugeot, offering motorists a stylish family hatchback that not only contains a plethora of in-car tech, but also high efficiency and fantastic economy to make it one of the most comprehensive models in its sector. It’s a similar story for the new 208 hatchback, which adds sharper driving dynamics thanks to its more compact shape, especially in GTi form. Peugeot’s new 108 city car has also gained numerous plaudits, with its small and efficient, yet useful, engines allowing for a driving experience that won’t drain your finances.

Peugeot’s development and research into engine technology is the main part of what makes having the manufacturer’s cars in your fleet or personal use so effective. Not only do you get a great car to enjoy on the road, but also one that offers brilliant economy and efficiency; with Peugeot’s BlueHDi technology, you’ll find engines that not only meet Euro 6 emission standards, but also powertrains developed on the race track at Le Mans. In its most effective form, the BlueHDi engine can offer up to 91mpg and CO2 emissions as low as 82g/km. Peugeot’s hybrid technology is also advancing at a rapid pace and can be found in the likes of the 3008 Hybrid, 508 and 508 RXH models, with the driver able to even choose a 100 per cent electric mode for zero emissions.

If such driving factors appeal to you, then feel free to take a good look at our comprehensive selection of Peugeot contract hire deals. We do our best to offer something for everyone’s needs, but if you have specific requirements, then get in touch and we’ll be able to give you a fully personalised Peugeot contract hire deal.