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When you invest into a Volvo, you invest into a safe, enjoyable and efficient vehicle; with Stoneacre Leasing, you can find this combined with great Volvo contract hire deals to match. Both business and personal users can benefit from our vast selection of offers, as well as Volvo’s excellent range of cars.

The Swedish manufacturer’s selection of vehicles sees a whole host of body types available, from the highly practical V60 to the incredibly versatile XC60. Each model offers a fantastic balance of efficiency, technology and drivability; the new Volvo V40, for example, not only brings economy of nearly 75mpg and emissions of just 99g/km to the table, but also a chassis tuned to deliver a truly enjoyable driving experience. At the pinnacle of Volvo’s capabilities is the brand new XC90 SUV, a car that represents the manufacturer’s ability to produce a luxurious, high-tech and effective vehicle for all situations on the road.

At the heart of what Volvo can offer in terms of economy lies in the new D3 powerplant, where the firm has managed to succeed in having an engine that can result in sub-100g/km of CO2 levels and up to 74.3mpg on the combined cycle, as well as still offer 150bhp on tap for all your performance needs. A 17% BiK rate doesn’t hurt, either. In a world first, the engine achieves its efficiency through utilising individual i-ART microchips to monitor each fuel injector and automatically add the ideal amount of fuel to each combustion cycle.

Having this revolutionary technology in mind, as well as Volvo’s many other advances in safety, including Volvo in your fleet can only work to your advantage. At Stoneacre Leasing, we’d like to add to these benefits with our fantastic array of Volvo contract hire deals, with offers that will suit all manner of needs. However, if you require something more attuned to your requirements, we’ll be happy to put together a fully customised Volvo contract hire deal.