Volvo XC40 Lease Deals 2019

Why lease a Volvo XC40 in 2019?

Adding to Volvo’s already superb range of SUV’s, the new XC40 takes everything that makes the XC60 such an excellent car and delivers it in a smaller, contemporary package.

The XC40 takes a lot of its main systems, especially safety, from its larger brothers, the XC60 and XC90. That’s a good thing and Volvo have built upon this successful core by producing a car that bristles with technology, taking aim at a younger market.

As you’d expect from Volvo, the interior is highly practical, but also modern and cutting-edge with additions like the driver’s digital screen and the innovative 9” touchscreen that dominates the car’s centre console and provides Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity as standard.

At the moment the XC40 is only available in either the D4 diesel, which provides 187bhp and returns up to 55.4mpg, and the top of the range T5 petrol, which provides 250bhp and returns up to 38.2mpg, a respectable figure for a powerful SUV. Other engines will be made available in 2018.

The equipment fitted to the XC40 as standard is on a par with that on the XC90. A notable addition to Volvo’s already superb safety features is the active collision avoidance system, which scans the road ahead and can either brake or steer the car away from a potential collision at speeds of up to 40mph. It also works when you’re stopped at junctions, preventing you from pulling out into oncoming vehicles.

Boot space is generous at 460 litres with the rear seats up. For those of you looking to get an XC40 on a business lease, BIK rates start at 27%, making the car an affordable company vehicle. All in all, if you’re looking for a comfortable, well-equipped SUV you would be wise to consider the new Volvo XC40.

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